Following the surprise Brexit vote in 2016, the UK has seen a surge in political interest among its youth.

As leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn has managed to galvanise the youth of Britain with his vision of free university, £10 minimum wage and pro-EU mentality.

However, with under 33 year-olds having the lowest voter turnout and the Conservatives leading the Labour Party by seven points in the final YouGov poll, will this surge be enough to turn the tide?

Final call line graph-01
Image Credit: YouGov.com

Whilst many commentators have surmised that Corbyn managed to win the campaign trail battles, but looks to lose the war, has recent history not taught us that nothing is certain in politics.

Theresa May has by no means demonstrated that this election is settled before the vote, and her appearance on BBC’s Question Time would seem to suggest that she isn’t brimming with confidence in herself either.

Those who predicted that Donald Trump would win the American election realised that the predominant reason he had any chance of victory was the anti-establishment movement in the US.

An analogous social change is starting to spawn across the pond and Corbyn is nothing if not anti-establishment, his consistent criticism of big business and big government over thirty years are a testament to that.

The results of this election, will reflect the changing social attitudes of Britain, there will be a record turnout of under 33 voters, Labour will win in what will be described as ‘an upset victory’, and despite the croaking protests by Tories stuck in austerity, change can sometimes be for the best.





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