Milo Yiannopoulos; journalist, author, provocateur, libertarian, nationalist, fascist, white supremacist, Milo is nothing if not divisive, and at the very least – quite interesting.

A brief history of Milo would read that he was born in Kent to a Greek/Irish father and British mother.

Milo was raised by his mother and her second husband, he was expelled from more than one school, including Wolfson College, Cambridge.

He began to come into the public spotlight as a journalist for The Daily Telegraph in the UK, writing on the role of women in the IT industry.

From there he would go on to ever-increasingly controversal subjects, from the use of the word ‘gay’ in school playgrounds, to his opposition to gay marriage, despite being openly gay himself (and that’s just the stuff to do with homosexuality).

A particularly interesting aspect to Milo is his apparent paradoxisms:

He is repeatedly accused, by his critics, of harboring crypto-racist views – despite  being quite glowingly proud of his penchant for black men.

He is accused of being a neo-nazi, yet Milo’s maternal grandmother is of Jewish  decent, which if you know your semitic lineage, means he is of Jewish decent.

He has said he thinks Republicans have a disgusting history of indifference towards  the suffering of women and minorities in America, yet he is a supporter of Trump  and a vocal opponent towards the Black Lives Matter movement and third-wave  feminists in general.

He is a not-so devout Catholic, still he holds the Catholic Church in high esteem, and  he implores his followers to value ‘evidence-based’ reasoning.

In fact Milo has described himself as the cure for the ‘cancer of feminism‘, and he’s got the statistics to back it up.

Something that you have to give credit where it’s due for Milo is his championing of free speech, no matter what.

He views himself as a necessary response to the recent SJW (social justice warrior) phenomenon, a bizarre philosophy which has taken political correctness to astronomical levels of absurdity.

Perhaps Milo is a necessary response, life is about balance as any seesaw would tell you, maybe for every SJW we need a Milo.

One thing to guard against when watching Milo in debate or reading his writing is to not fall into the same hair-trigger response trap that the far-left have seemed to succumb to of late.

Fact check his claims, check his statistics, think logically and as unemotionally as humanly possibly, you might be surprised at how much you and he agree.



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